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A visual novel where you play as a divorced dad trying to order the perfect pizza.

This game is our submission for the 2019 NanoReno Game Jam. It was made in the month of March. 

As a divorced dad you learn through exploring the items in your apartment and navigate difficult conversations in order to find the perfect pizza.

Abby, your daughter is meeting Margot your girlfriend for the first time. It's an  awkward situation that only the right pizza toppings can solve. 

Explore their back stories and make a tough decision and everything will be FINE. No weird shit will happen.

... We swear.

Thanks for playing!

All art, music, writing and scripting was done by the Rocket Adrift team, 

Lindsay Rollins, Patrick Smith & Titus McNally.

This game was made with Ren'Py.

Updated 22 days ago
Published 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorRocket Adrift
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, nanoreno2019, pizza, renpy, Short, Story Rich


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I'm amazed that this was your first game together as a team, and that you did this all within the course of a month. It was incredibly well done. I'm actually  a writer/video producer for GameLuster, and this is one of the games I'll be playing for the next episode of our Indie Power Hour series! 

Thanks so much! We're so glad that you liked it.  We'll be sure to watch that episode when it comes out.


this is really well-made, with very good pacing! a perfectly executed idea. i quite enjoyed it, great work!

Thanks so much!


you should make a number 2

We're working on a large scale game next. It's not pizza related but it still has our brand of weirdness. 




I really liked this game but can't seem to figure out how to get the super bad endings. 

Thanks for playing! Try making the wrong pizzas on every level you can. Hope that helps!


Graphics is cool!

You is cool!


this was very cute and it hit home, not everyone gets a happy ending like that, i probably wont, but im glad abby (even though she's a fictional character) did

Thanks so much! Glad it hit home for you!


I really enjoyed this game! I don't know what I expected but it was....out of this world. Anyway I really love the art - all the characters are so unique, and the animations were such a nice touch! 

(spoiler?) Lastly my favourite part was when I get to tell my daughter I LOVE HER. THANKS

Thanks so much for playing! So glad that moment meant something to you.


Wow, this game was an experience! I really love the art style, the animations, basically everything! This game is really unique and bizzare. I played through all the endings because the story had me hooked! Would love to see more visual novels like this <3

Thanks! So glad you liked it!


I just got done playing the game and really enjoyed it. It kinda has a doki doki vibe to it.  Thanks for a great game :)

Thank so much!


I played this last night and really loved it! What a fun and wonderfully weird experience. I'm really impressed with some of the crazy ideas you came up with, as well as with the nice character animations and the pizza app. Can't wait to see your next project!


Thanks so much! Glad that you liked it. We're going to be getting back to a bigger game -that we put on hold to participate in NanoRenO- soon. We'll keep you posted!


thank you I am a single parent  (dad) and I worked for pizza hut for about a decade I am looking forward to playing the novel

Hope you like it! :)